Mick Foley Speaks On His Daughter Not Pursuing Career With WWE, Status Of Holy Foley


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently spoke with Wrestling Inc to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

His daughter Noelle training to become a wrestler:

“No, she got banged up quite a bit,” Foley said of Noelle’s training. “Injured, not just banged up but injured.”

Status of Holy Foley:

“We really enjoyed doing it… But it was an expensive show for the [WWE] Network to make, and when you look at some of their other shows, it’s a GoPro on a windshield,” Foley said referring to Ride Along. I think if this was a show that was on USA or E!, there probably would have been a better home because you could have a big budget for it. I was glad they took a chance on it. We really enjoyed those 10 weeks together… and to get paid. But it just didn’t work out. It was the highest-rated show [on WWE Network] of all-time for a little while, but there’s only so many times people can watch 10 episodes over and over and over.”

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