Mick Foley Speaks Out – WWE ’13, Daniel Bryan, Kane, More


Mick Foley recently spoke about promoting WWE 13 and more. Here are the highlights…

On Working With WWE to Promote WWE 13: “I think my match days are over, but hopefully it will lead to something else. I think it’s always great to have the guys from different eras in there together. It works great for everybody.”

On Daniel Bryan, and Antonio Cesaro as Breakout Stars:Daniel Bryan is going to come out of his tag team eventually with an even bigger head of steam as a singles wrestler,” Foley said. “Then you have guys like Antonio Cesaro who can do it all and he’s finding his way as a character, so I think there’s no shortage of candidates.”

On Kane: “Kane had been talking to me about how he’s been there since 1996 and he’s had a 16-year run and how he’s a bit banged up from years of his big, physical style,” Foley said. “He told me that he needed to find a way to tweak the character a little bit, and when I saw him a few weeks ago I told him, ‘You are my hero.’ He laughed and said, ‘No, I’ve become you!’ Here’s a guy who realized he could no longer do the stuff he was known for back in the Attitude Era, so he brought some levity and laughs to the character.”

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