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NewsMick Foley Talks About Rumors Of Triple H Not Liking Him

Mick Foley Talks About Rumors Of Triple H Not Liking Him



Mick Foley’s son Mickey recently stated on his live stream that Triple H dislikes his father. There have been rumors for years that Triple H did not like Mick Foley. The WWE Hall of Famer took to Facebook to clarify what his son said and to shoot down the rumors. Here is what he posted:


Despite what you may have heard, I really don’t believe Triple H dislikes me, as my son Mickey implied on his live stream – from which point the story took on a life of its own. Keep in mind, that my son Mickey is on the autism spectrum, and while he is a bright and beautiful child, he doesn’t always speak with the same type of filter that most of us naturally have – and as a result, he is much more likely to say exactly what comes into his mind.

Sure, it created something of an awkward position for me – but nothing that is said or done will ever take away from the bond Triple H, and I share; the bond of great matches as we were moving up the card in 1997 and 1998, and when we were on top of the card, on top of the cell – and figuratively, on top of the world in 2000. Rumors will come and go. But memories like the ones Triple H and I created will last a lifetime.

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