Mick Foley To Appear At Fruitcake Eating Competition, Ryback


— Ryback will be signing autographs at Dave & Busters in Braintee, Massachusetts on Saturday, November 23rd at 5pm.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena attended The Oxford Union in England while WWE was overseas last week. Cena was invited to speak at the event and several students and their parents asked Cena questions during the event.

— WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley will be taking part in the “International Fruitcake Eating Competition” on December 7th. The competition will be held at Santa’s Candy Castle in Indiana and starts at 11AM. The event is free for the public to attend and Foley will be signing autographs of his children’s book, “A Most Mizerable Christmas,” following the competition.

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