Mickie James Discusses A Possible TNA Return, More


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Mickie James recently spoke about a possible return to TNA. Here are the highlights….

On the possibility that she’ll return to TNA now that they’re moving back to Orlando: “You know, you never know. Honestly you never know in this business, doors are always left open. I have nothing but respect for Dixie Carter and I feel its sad I didn’t get the chance to finish the storyline and the development of the character because I had a decision of where it would go prior to my departure, but a step away from it was a blessing in disguise and I have been able to see the big picture of things. I don’t know what will happen next, where I’m gonna end up, for all I know that could’ve been it. Where I end television wrestling. I don’t feel like I’m done, there is so much more I wanna do. Whether it be with TNA, WWE, the indies, or Japan. You never know what’s next, I’m just waiting for the next opportunity.”

On the fact that the plan for her to drop the Knockouts Title came at the last minute: “Uh, that was more of a last minute decision, because you know my contract was about to expire. You can’t as a company have the championship on someone who isn’t employed. I understand the decision and respect it. There was no one better I would want to drop the title to. Jess is an amazing friend and I think she is an amazing wrestler and character. I’m glad they are doing something with her. Obviously we had a vision of that going much further then it actually did (BFG), but you know. Business is business.”

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