Mickie James & Gail Kim Deny Claim That Jeff Jarrett Hates Women’s Wrestling


Impact Wrestling’s Mickie James and Gail Kim have refuted the claim that Jeff Jarrett is no fan of women’s wrestling.

In 2007, Kim would be crowned the first Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion, a title James currently holds in her fifth reign.


During the latest edition of Busted Open Radio, Kim recalled being told when she joined Impact (then TNA Wrestling) that Jarrett hated women’s wrestling.

Kim added that she never saw this from Jarrett during his time with TNA/Impact, and is grateful for what he did for the women in the company. She said,

“I still tell him to this day, he gave us the opportunity.

“Jeff just saw something magical. Scott D’Amore, I remember him telling me, ‘Jeff just loves you and Kong. He loves what he’s seeing.’ So they kind of saw it in us before we really realized.”

James, who returned to Impact in 2021 after her controversial WWE release, agreed with Kim’s comments on Jarrett, saying:

“I think that he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves in a lot of respect of the people he gave opportunities when nobody else would.”

James went on to say that if Jarrett did hate women’s wrestling, it was the hypersexualized style seen in WWE and elsewhere at the time.

Jarrett is now part of AEW and in addition to being an on-screen performer, is the promotion’s Director of Business Development.

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