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Mickie James On Vince McMahon & Mandy Rose’s WWE Departures, Vince’s Return


During a recent appearance on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Impact Wrestling’s Mickie James discussed the departures of both Mandy Rose and Vince McMahon from WWE last year.

James would also discuss McMahon’s return to the company as was confirmed earlier this month.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Her thoughts on both the Mandy Rose and Vince McMahon situations: “I don’t put the Mandy Rose thing and Vince [McMahon] coming back thing in the same, [they’re not] even on the same level, because Vince is the owner of the company. Even when he stepped down, he was still the owner of the company, and Mandy was not an employee. She was an independent contractor of the company. I would like to equate hers to the Riddle situation, in the sense that he’s had multiple chances and his thing. I don’t know all the ins and outs, because I’m not there anymore. I think the last two years of just like watching that landscape shifting hands whenever all the allegations came out, and then it shifted over to Hunter and Stephanie. I saw Stephanie come up, I thought that was a major progression. I was excited, because we all thought that was going to be the next step anyway. It would go to Shane and Stephanie, and to Hunter in that respect.”

On why she believes Vince is back within WWE: “Now, to see him return. I mean, they are being put in a position to sell to get sold in the last two years or whenever since Nick Khan came on. I felt like that was his job, which is to make it a marketable product for a buyer. It seems like close to that happening, which is why Vince has come back. He stepped down due to all that stuff, because obviously it was hurting the share prices. It was hurting all those things. I’m assuming those are all big business decisions that are way out of my own, like shareholders, people on the board, stuff like that, that I’m not in those meetings, I would like to be in some of those meetings.”

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