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NewsMickie James Opens Up About Her "Last Rodeo", More

Mickie James Opens Up About Her “Last Rodeo”, More



Impact Knockout Mickie James turned some heads with her promo on the latest episode of IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV.

James came out and stated that she was on her “last rodeo” in wrestling, and she spoke about that promo and what her hopes are for her final run.

Speaking with Busted Open Radio, the Hardcore Country performer opened up about future plans. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her “Last Rodeo” promo on Impact: “Promos are so hard, but I really just wanted to speak from my heart. And you know, it’s been a journey for me. You’ve watched me in this business from pretty much day one… you’ve seen me grow this whole time. But I feel I’ve been so fortunate to do so much, and way more than especially a woman gets to do. And I think I just wanted to not only be able to test myself, because there is this whole rise of this new generation and some incredibly talented women out there, but I also really just want to be able to go out in a blaze of glory. All pun intended, but if I’m going to go out, I want to go out with a bang.”

“And I think it’s a true way to test myself against every woman out there. And I’m open to every woman out there, to challenge them and really test myself to have some of the best matches of my life. And win or lose, no matter what, I feel like hopefully the fans will win. But my next loss will be my last loss, period. And I think that’s a good way to put my back up against the wall, to force myself to bring the absolute best out of myself. Because I feel I’m better under pressure.”

On her desire to give opportunities across the roster: “But I did want to do it from the bottom of the roster up. Because I feel like, especially if this is going to be the last rodeo, I’d like to give opportunities. A lot of times when you go in and you’re going after things, you don’t get a chance to challenge a lot of the women, you know? Because you go into the angles, or you go straight for the #1 contenders’ championship opportunity. And so there’s a lot of women in that locker room, and there’s a lot of women right now that I haven’t had the chance to face. And if this is going to be it, I’d like to have a chance to maybe face them.”

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