Mid-South Wrestling Hidden Gem Added To WWE Network

Photo Credit: WWE

A New Year’s Eve special event from 1985 from the Mid-South/UWF promotion. You can view the full card, which features legends like Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts, below:

(h/t: PWInsider)

12/31/1985 – Mid-South New Year’s Eve 1985


Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer and Butch Reed go to war in a Dog Collar Match in this New Year’s Eve extravaganza from Mid-South Wrestling.

Apparently, due to a bug in the WWE’s upload system, it will appear as December 30, 1985 when it is on the streaming service

The card, which took place in Oklahoma City at The Myriad featured the following:

-Brett Sawyer versus Joe Malcolm
-Masked Superstar versus Steve Doll
-Rick Steiner (billed as Rob Rechsteiner) versus Terry Taylor
-The Bruise Brothers (Mad Dog Boyd & Pork Chop Cash) versus Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare
-Jake Roberts versus Sir Oliver Humperdink
-Dick Slater versus Jim Duggan
-Dog Collar: Buzz Sawyer versus Butch Reed
-Ted DiBiase versus Dick Murdoch


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