Mike Bailey Discusses Being Signed By Impact Following Match With Josh Alexander


“Speedball” Mike Bailey was recently interviewed by One Perfect Game as he discussed his match with Josh Alexander in Impact Wrestling, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Mike Bailey on being signed by Impact Wrestling: “I signed the contract literally after the match on Josh Alexander’s back. Josh was originally supposed to face Doc Gallows, I believe, but he ran into some border issues because of COVID and the match had to be scrapped and they re-booked it to me vs. Josh Alexander and they announced that if I won the match, I would get an IMPACT contract. I did not win, but Josh got on the mic and said I deserved it. Scott came out and said, ‘You do deserve it’ and I signed my contract right there. Wrestling is wrestling and the outcome is predetermined, but it was a nice moment and a nice surprise for everyone, so I’m not going to spoil it.”

Bailey on the response to him being signed: “That was overwhelmingly positive, which honestly surprised me. If you know wrestling fans, you know how much they go back and forth and there is a pecking order to how garbage comments are. Twitch chat is always the best. Twitter is usually pretty cool. Facebook is kind of a mess and then you go to YouTube comments and then Reddit and hear all the garbage people have to say. However, when it came to me signing with IMPACT, it was overwhelming positive, even on places like Reddit and the YouTube comments on the video that IMPACT posted. That’s nice, it’s nice to see that some things can be mostly positive.”

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