Mike Bailey Reacts To Being Banned From The United States For Five Years


During a recent appearance on the “Steel Chair with Steph Franchomme” podcast, Impact Wrestling star Mike Bailey commented on the time he was banned from the United States for five years, why he believes Impact Wrestling’s X-Division is the best division in pro wrestling these days, and more.

For those unaware, Bailey had been arrested for trying to make a booking in the United States while in the process of trying to obtain a Visa. This caused him to receive a five year ban from entering the country.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the X-Division: “I think it’s the best division in professional wrestling right now. The amount of talent that is competing for the X-Division Championship is above and beyond anything else in the world right now with the different styles, the amount of experience, the varying degrees, and the various backgrounds you’ve got. A lot of New Japan wrestlers right now are coming in and competing with X-Division guys. You have people with a Lucha Libre background and people with a real international background, as well as Alex Shelley. You’ve got people that have been in Impact Wrestling for years, like Chris Sabin and Rich Swann, who really bring that Impact X-Division style. The mix of it is perfect, and I think right now everyone in the division is doing a fantastic job representing what the X-Division has always been about, which is action-packed high-level matches unlike anything else you see on TV right now.”

On being banned from working in the US for five years: “To be perfectly honest, I think it’s hard to say. It’s hard to imagine what my career would have been like. Had I been able to go to the United States for these five years, had I, for example, been spying somewhere else in or even signed with IMPACT Wrestling in 2016? It forced me to reorient my career, change my path and do something else. Ultimately, it worked out. I know I’m super happy with the way my career progressed, and that I had to go and get experience from everywhere around the world that I could, and then bring it back to the US. But I don’t know, I have no idea, maybe I would have wrestled in the US a couple of years longer, and then won the lottery in the United States and become a millionaire. You never know, a million things could have happened. I don’t spend time on what-ifs, but all I can say is I’m super happy with the way things happened and where I am now.”

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