Mike Bailey Reacts To Fan Kicking Him At GCW Show


While wrestling Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship, “Speedball” Mike Bailey got kicked by a drunk fan. The incident went down at last weekend’s GCW: Middle of the Night event on Saturday. Bailey spoke about the incident on a recent Twitch stream, and you can read highlights below.

You can also view a video of the incident below:


On why Bailey is crouching in the clip: “I’m crouching because I’m waiting to Nick Gage to turn and face me while he’s holding his door, so I can jump sidekick his door. I’m 20 feet from Gage. The floor is soaked in beer and I have to do a running jump kick. He just nudges me in the butt and I’m like, ‘What the hell is that? What the hell just happened?’ The Orange Cassidy kick, essentially. It’s f***ed up, don’t do this. In a Simpsons shirt, which I just noticed. If I had saw that, I would have been like, ‘This is fine. He represents Homer.'”

On the fan pushing him: “He pushes me, I turn around. This is the moment where I have to make a decision. You see him move back, his friends hold him, you promptly see Adam [the referee] get in the way. He has a job to ref the match. I firmly believe this, never hit anyone unless, speaking as a wrestler, you’re ready to hit back. I will never hit anyone. Two reasons to hit someone, you need to protect yourself and it is for self-defense. Two, the person is an actual problem for society, for example, a Nazi. Being a Nazi is a good reason to hit someone. Am I in danger? This is what I’m assessing. He pushes me and quickly backs off, you have guys (getting in-between), I can tell he’s f***ed up and drunk. Not a danger to me. He’s just a drunken idiot at the show. I have nothing to gain by hitting this guy.”

On being focused on the match: “I didn’t give a single f***….this happens and then I have to run across a floor covered in beer and jump side kick Nick Gage. It would have taken away from the match. What happens if I start beating his ass? The matches screeches to a halt. The match changes, stops, gets f***ed up. My job is to wrestle, not inflate my ego by hitting someone who is clearly intoxicated and has very little fighting experience, judging by that kick. The guy was just a dick, not a threat. Different things.”

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