Mike Bennett Blasts WWE & Vince McMahon For The Recent Mass Firings


Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett took to Twitter on Friday and blasted WWE and Vince McMahon for the recent mass firings. He went on to call McMahon a “greedy evil man”. You can check out his tweets below:

“I’m going to pick up my kids at daycare now. Here’s the last thing I’ll say. Watch all wrestling(especially @ringofhonor). Enjoy what you enjoy. I watch everything. I find plenty enjoyable at WWE. Some of my best friends still work there.

However to deny that Vince is a greedy evil man, is to live in denial. You can enjoy the WWE product and realize that Vince has become bad for wrestling. The fish rots at the head and for the past 40 years Vince has been at the top.

He fired mass amounts of people during the worst health crisis in 100 years. All to save a few million dollars, when his company was set to make record profits. Many people with families and children lost their jobs that day, so Vince could become slightly more rich. To deny this fact is to live in delusion. He’s destroyed more lives than he’s helped.

You can still enjoy the product & realize the boss is a piece of [poo emoji]. Instead of attacking the men and women who broke their backs for Vince to become a billionaire, maybe stand up for those talents. I promise you Vince will still be a lousy human, but maybe you’ll understand a bit better.

In the meantime support all Indie Wrestlers who are literally the backbone of this industry and #WatchROH. The women’s division and the pure division are changing the pro wrestling game.”

Bennett and his wife, Maria Kanellis, were released from WWE in April 2020. They are now working for Ring of Honor.

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