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NewsMike Bennett Celebrates Four Years Sober - Details

Mike Bennett Celebrates Four Years Sober – Details



Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett took to Twitter on Saturday, commenting on marking four years of sobriety last Monday. He said,

This past Monday was my 4th year sober from opioids. This past week had been so busy and so rewarding that it had slipped my mind. That alone was a huge victory in my book. So many times I had the date circled on a calendar and wanted to get to July 12th as a huge achievement. The fact that I didn’t remember tells me the grip addiction once had on my life is slowly fleeting and that makes me happy. There’s no set path or course on how to get sober.”

My trick has always been consistency mixed with stay busy. As I look at where my life is now and where I was 4 years ago, I’m blown away by growth. My growth as a Husband, A Dad, A Friend, and as a Man. In those 4 years, life has thrown many obstacles my way, but instead of numbing the pain in pain killers, I now face problems head-on, regardless of the outcome.

This past week I got to throw out the first pitch at a Cubs Game, wrestle in front of a live ROH crowd, and watch my wife do what she loves in bringing in the ROH Women’s Division. None of this would have been possible without making the decision 4 years ago to get sober. Truth is I probably wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t get clean. I am a truly lucky and blessed man. Every day is a gift and I will never take it for granted. To everyone who has supported me along my journey, I LOVE YOU ALL.

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