Mike Bennett Celebrates Three Years of Sobriety, Original Becky Lynch Plans


Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett took to Twitter today, revealing that he’s celebrating three years of sobriety today. He said,

“Three years ago I had two choices: Stay on the path I was on and lose everything or take accountability and get clean. I’m so incredibly thankful I chose the latter. Life is difficult, life is painful, life is messy. But life is also incredibly beautiful.”

Becky Lynch recently revealed that due to trying to have a baby with Seth Rollins before WrestleMania, she pitched dropping the title to Shayna Baszler at that big pay-per-view which WWE creative and quite likely Vince McMahon rejected. The plan from creative was to have Baszler eventually win the title at a later date but by then, McMahon nixed that storyline and finish and went with Asuka as the next champion instead. Vince has completely “soured” on Baszler because she doesn’t “check off his boxes” as a female wrestler and he not only cancelled her push, but removed her from TV altogether.

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