Mike Bennett Talks Dealings With Vince McMahon, Lack Of Communication In WWE


Mike Bennett was interviewed this week on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to discuss a wide range of topics. 

Here are some of the highlights (H/T to WrestlingNews.co): 

Lack of communication in the company: “The thing with WWE is nobody ever tells you what’s going on and that’s always the issue. My big thing is I’m a grown man. I’m 35. I have 2 kids. If you don’t like me or if you have a problem with my work, tell me so we can fix it. If we can’t fix it, let’s figure this out. Either let me go or maybe there is a different role. I don’t like passive-aggressiveness. I don’t like playing games or playing politics. If there’s an issue, tell me and we fix it or we don’t.”

Vince McMahon: “Vince is always nice to their face, but, some of the things he’s done lately, it is hard for me to wrap my brain around. It’s hard for me to be ok with the way he treated my wife. I asked for my release. I was ready to go. I asked for my release 8 months before the pandemic happened. Do I have every right to be pissed that they didn’t release me then when I could have gone and worked somewhere or picked up another contract and then they released me when I couldn’t do that? Yes, that pissed me off. As far as getting released, I knew I was getting released. I wanted to go. My wife didn’t. We talked to them time and time again about firing me but not firing her. I wanted my release, she did not want her release. We were adamant that we were two separate talents and you should treat us differently. Not only that, but she had more experience with that company. She was there for almost 6 years before the second time and then 3 years on the second run, so that’s almost 10 years of service. To release a woman who is on maternity leave after giving 10 years to a company and then just fire her in the middle of a pandemic? I’m sorry. I think that’s a real lousy thing to do to a person.”

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