Mike Bennett Talks The Positives Of His WWE Run And Release


Mike Bennett discussed his time in WWE when he was a guest on The Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast.

He also talked about the positives of his time there and release. 

“I got to travel. Imagine I rested in Saudi Arabia, like I never thought that I would be. I got to do a European tour, WrestleMania I got two nice things. But for me, the biggest thing was and again this is going to sound like a slight at WWE and I know there are going to be some fans that take it that way. But it’s not getting to WWE taught me what I didn’t want in this industry. It taught me that. Okay, this company is for some people. It’s not for me. I want to be a pro wrestler. I want to focus on the sport of pro wrestling. I want to actually wrestle when I can. I want to have 15 2030 minute matches. I’m not looking to Be a television superstar. I want to be Mike Bennett, the pro wrestler, because at the end of the day, that’s why I got into the industry.”

“Yeah, you know, so it was kind of like it was one of those catch 20 twos because we got fired in the middle of a pandemic, which as a dad is terrifying, because you’re now unemployed. And it wasn’t just me, it was my wife. So now as a family, you’re unemployed. And your first thought is I have to provide, I have to provide for my children, no matter what, money’s not coming in anymore. What do I have to do? But as you start to get away from that, and get away from that scariness of it, you start to learn like, oh, okay, I still know what I’m doing. I had a career before this, I will have a career After this, I’m going to be just fine. And then you start to get excited when you start going to shows and you go to Ring of Honor, and you have matches, and your first thought is okay, well, I got to make sure we don’t do this, this and this, because so and so said, we can’t do this, this and this. And it’s written so we and you go Wait, no, you can have creative freedom. Wait. So you mean if I do this move, I’m not going to get yelled at the minute I walk through the gorilla position, all my god and the whole world just starts to open up and you start to get very excited about it. So for me, if I didn’t have kids getting fired, probably I probably wouldn’t light up. I’m so excited. Originally, I was like, Oh, god, I’m terrified. But then as you start to progress, and you start to come out of that fog, and that haze, you go, this is kind of awesome. I love this.”

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