Mike Kanellis (Bennett) On How Mick Foley Was An Inspiration For Him Becoming A Pro-Wrestler


The newest addition to the SmackDown Live roster, Mike Kanellis(Bennett) recently joined Edge & Christian’s; E&C Podcast Of Awesomeness. The two parties discussed numerous topics including; Mick Foley being an inspiration to Mike Bennett on deciding to become a pro-wrestler.

Here’s are two excerpts from that particular portion of the podcast:

“To me… I would say when I the biggest fan was in 1998, so what drew me in completely to wrestling was definitely Steve Austin. Like, I just remember watching him and being like and not even so much from the badass point of view, just from being completely and utterly entertained by everything he did and then just watching his matches, I’ve always really enjoyed matches that are more like a fight and he was so much…. and I watch his early stuff and it’s not the same as his later stuff and I think that when I was watching his later stuff in the late 90’s, I remember thinking it just looks like he’s kicking someone’s ass.”

“The moment where it actually clicked when I said I wanted to be a wrestler was because of Mick Foley because the very, very first show I ever went to was at the Worcester Centrum; the first time Mick won the World Title and I just remember I was in the building when he pinned The Rock and that reaction, that crowd it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it today. I’ve never heard a crowd louder, that was unbelievable and from the minute Stone Cold came out to the minute he won, I just remember being like ‘oh, this is what I wanna do.’”


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