Mike Mondo Talks About Winning ROH Fans Over, NYC, More


Mike Mondo spoke last week with Shooting From The Hip about his experience in Ring of Honor thus far. Check out the highlights:

On when he felt he won the fans over: “I wouldn’t say I’ve won them over, but I’m on the right path. Third TV taping, Matt Taven, second to last match on the card, I was still getting those “What are you doing here?” looks from the fans. We had the chance to do something bigger than we normally would…And we went out there and blew the roof off. Simple formula match, but much higher risk and intensity to it. We got over.”

On wrestling in New York: “I had no idea what was going to expect. How fans would react… But I didn’t know how they would react. I just put my stuff out there… I hit it hard and it has been interesting how people have seen me.

On wrestling Davey Richards: “That was a match I really enjoyed, and I hope to be with him again soon. His intensity, his passion. I treated that match like my debut. If I could rock the house with him, why not? I want the ball.

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