Miro Comments On How Well-Liked Brodie Lee Was Backstage, More


During a recent YouTube video, Miro commented on Brodie Lee having a “rigged tryout” in FCW, how well-liked he was backstage, and more. You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On learning about Brodie Lee’s passing: “I remember speaking to Amanda, and I was just so — I was almost over-line, like, ‘Hey. He’ll be fine, man. Don’t worry. He’ll be fine. He’ll kick out. He’s Brodie, you know. He’ll be fine. And I think it was on the 26th right when he passed away. I had a party at my house. We celebrated. It was night time. Everybody was together, and when I got the news, it’s a terrible thing, man. It’s a terrible thing. It’s something you can’t even — you can’t even comprehend, like you as an outsider how much Brodie meant to everybody. You guys know Brodie from wrestling, but a lot of us know Brodie from real life and being with him — like I was there on his first day in FCW.”

On Brodie Lee’s tryout in FCW: “And he had a rigged tryout. Always say that, and I always will say that because Brodie had a rigged tryout. And the first day came in, we all thought he was big guy with this hair, the beard, crazy looking. So, I had no idea about the indies at all. I had no idea about anything outside of WWE. And when he came in…and it’s 8:00 am on a Monday or Tuesday, whatever day it was. And we’re all sitting in the FCW Arena. We sometimes just had matches. Eight in the morning, you get in there, you and you go and have a match. So we had this new guy, Brodie, and he gets pulled in a different room with Jon Moxley. And the next thing you know, 10 minutes later, they have a match. And clearly, they killed it. I mean, first of all, they were always so good. They were both amazing, but you don’t have to know much to see Brodie and see that he was just an amazing performer. And he was just as good then as before he passed.”

On how beloved Brodie was and how everyone wanted to be around him: “Everyone wanted to be around Brodie. Every single person wanted to be around Brodie because everybody loved Brodie. And being on the road with him from 2014 to whatever, and for most of the time, we’re on the road 4-5 days a week. It’s not like now. Now, it’s like once a week or every 10 days or whatever it is. But we used to travel five days a week. You know, he was home to Amanda and Little Brodie for a day-and-a-half at most. That schedule is crazy when you leave Friday and you don’t come back until Wednesday afternoon, and you got to do all that on Friday. You got to go again. And him being away from his family, he always talked about them though. He always loved them so much. He always will love them so much.”

“Everybody wanted to be around Brodie because he was like a cool guy. He was just fun to be around. Everybody gravitated toward Brodie, and everyone wanted to be entertained by him. And what’s amazing about him is the ability, or maybe not ability, maybe it’s just who he is — he was able to speak to so many different people on so many different subjects. Brodie’s friendship was not alike with everybody else. Me and him, we would talk basketball, we would talk hockey, we would talk many different things. But with different people, he wouldn’t even talk about this because this was not their interest. But Brodie found everybody’s interest, and everybody had interest in Brodie. Yeah he’s just going to be so missed.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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