Miro – “God Made Me, Not Vince McMahon!”, More


During a recent appearance on “The Zaslow Show”, AEW Superstar Miro commented on being called a ‘WWE guy’ in AEW. The former WWE Superstar revealed that it was God, not Vince McMahon who made him who he is today.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his character in AEW: “I am God’s forsaken champion because I lost. God’s Favorite Champion is dead. I have a free range to be myself. I love God when he’s on my side. I hate God when he’s not on my side. These are daily conversations. It’s not just me, I feel like it’s a lot of people at home. Now, I just have to bring it to the mainstream so I can show what I’m going through every day. This is me. It’s not fake, not phony wrestling bullsh*t or imaginary character. This is me, I’m playing who I always have been.”

On losing to Bryan Danielson and ‘WWE guys’ in AEW: “If I were to be full health, I would have destroyed Bryan Danielson in about eight minutes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t and I had to labor through the whole match. Unfortunately, God had a different opinion. As far as younger talent, you have to step up your game. CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, me, [Jon Moxley], we’re not WWE guys like everybody calls it. These people have been around the world way before WWE. When somebody says, ‘this guy is WWE,’ it is incorrect. God made me, not Vince McMahon.”

On his future in AEW: “It’s always been about the conversation with God and trying to figure out if he’s messing with me. I wasn’t supposed to be in this tournament. Then, all of a sudden, the opportunity came. Now I know, God was messing with me. He gave me the hope spot just to pull it away. I know this is going to lead to something way bigger, I just need to get healthy. Once I figure out my neck situation is going to be okay, then I can come back and dominate and be once again God’s favorite champion.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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