Miro (Rusev) Rips A Fan Who Said Lana Should Have Been Fired Instead Of Him


Former WWE Superstar Miro (Rusev) wasn’t happy when a fan took to Twitter to criticize Lana and Natalya. The fan said WWE should have fired Lana instead of him. The original tweet, which has now been deleted, said,

“Why does everything with @NatbyNature and @LanaWWE have to be so cringe. And since Lana can’t wrestle just gotta find something to do with her. Ugh wish they kept @ToBeMiro and fired Lana. Now Everytime Lana is on screen it’s bathroom break #alwaysrusevday”


Prior to the fan deleting his tweet, Miro retweeted it and said,

“Hey you know what F you , dude. Wishing for somebody to be fired speaks volumes of a shitty person. Fix your shittiness now before you pass is down.”

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