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Miro Talks About The Highs & Lows Of The League Of Nations Stable



During a recent appearance on “The Kurt Angle Show”, Miro reflected on his ‘League of Nations’ stable in WWE. The stable consisted of Miro (Rusev), Wade ‘Bad News’ Barrett, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio and was short-lived lasting just a few months. You can check out some of the highlights from Miro’s conversation below:

On why the stable never became as dominant as it could have been: “Man, talk about what a great waste of opportunity the League of Nations is. We were told we were going to be put together and nobody told us we were going to be a punching bag for Roman Reigns, that’s the only reason we’re doing this. I thought looking at three former champions, big guys, strong guys, international guys, we haven’t had anything like this on the roster. On night number 2, we lost to Roman Reigns 4 on 1 and ever since that night we knew we were just destined to do this, to do just nothing but jobs.”

On WrestleMania 32, taking a stunner from Steve Austin and In-Fighting within the group:  “It is what it is, it still got us a WrestleMania match with The New Day. At that time we had a lot of problems internally within the group so there was a lot of fighting going on and I’m not proud of that by any means. It was so messed up that even practices, you know, you have to talk about the matches every now and then and you couldn’t even get all of us together. It was such a disaster and then the match day came and even before the match, we almost got in a fight within us. Right before we walked out, we almost got in a fight, the four of us. We went out there and had the match, we also had a bad attitude like why’s these Hall of Famers coming in and doing all these maneuvers on us.”

“But at the end of the day, I love Steve Austin, I wanted to take the Stunner and I got to take it. The people loved it, we won whatever, then when the music hit and Shawn [came down] and everything, people loved it.

“I loved it, it was a great moment, I took my favorite bump which is the Stunner which I have seen so many times on TV before. Call me a mark, not for myself but for the business but when you grow up watching across the world and now you get to do it with the man, not with Kevin Owens, but with the actual man, of course, I’m going to do it. I took The Rock’s [Stunner] bump right through the ropes, best day ever.”

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