Missy Hyatt & Alundra Blayze React to Women in the Wrestling Industry Getting H-Bombed


Missy Hyatt and Alundra Blayze took to Twitter on Saturday, commenting on several incidents they saw involving women in the wrestling industry getting h-bombed. Hyatt said,

“How about h-bombing women for laughs.i remember being h-bombed and almost passing out at the wheel of the car.i remember 1 indy valet that got h-bombed and almost got raped by a so called born again wrestler,when the intention of the rib was originally to just shave her eyebrows”

Blayze added,

“I remember coming out of my hotel room and seeing a naked girl with her eyebrows shaved only with cowboy boots on passed the fuck out! 😳 I reported it to the front desk and asked to call the cops. Let’s just say SOME male WRESTLERS thought it was cute to H-bomb or shit in food”

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