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The Miz On “Backstabbing In WWE”, Explains Why Brock Lesnar Is At The Top, Talks The Miztourage – More



The current WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz, sat down with Mike Jones of DC 101 to hype up next Monday’s RAW from the Nation’s capitol & talked Roman Reigns having the “It factor”, creating the Miztourage & much more.

Here are the highlights:

Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas:

“It’s two talented individuals not getting a chance. I’m a person that will give you a chance and not only that, I will provide everything that possibly can for you. I even told Heath Slater that I wanted him as a part of The Miz-tourage. He didn’t want to be a part of it, he wanted to be the Intercontinental Champion. So then he goes up against me as the Intercontinental Champion and he loses, now where is he? You don’t really get to see him that much. Now where is Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel? They’re both on TV, each and every week on Monday Night RAW.”

Roman Reigns Having “It”:

“Right now, he’s a really big good guy or a really big bad guy, it all depends on the way you look at it. He’ll walk out and get booed out of the building or he’ll walk out and get cheered out of the building. But the one thing that Roman Reigns has is the “it factor” and he’s a bonafide star who can go in a WWE ring.”

Brock Lesnar Being At The Top Of The WWE Mountain:

“There’s a reason they call Brock Lesnar ‘The Beast’. This guy is to be reckoned with, He is a person who has been successful in WWE, he’s been successful in UFC, anything he steps into, he’s a bonafide star. So when you go up against him, you’re going up against someone and it could be your last match.”

Wrestlers Who Backstab One Another:

“That’s the problem with everyone, like everyone’s not honest around WWE. I’m the person that will tell you straight up to you face, whether you like it or not and most of the time people don’t like the things that I say, but what I say is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts and I guess people can’t take it and so if you can’t take it then I guess you shouldn’t be in the ring with me with a microphone, you should just get away from me. That’s why I’m the Intercontinental Champion, my job is to make it the most prestigious, most relevant title in all of WWE and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

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