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NewsThe Miz Talks His WrestleMania 27 Match, Catching The Eye Of WWE...

The Miz Talks His WrestleMania 27 Match, Catching The Eye Of WWE On “Tough Enough”, The Real World



Former six-time Intercontinental Champion, The Miz talked with Dub Magazine for an interview. During the interview the two parties discussed Miz beating John Cena at WrestleMania 27 & The Miz learning from his reality TV show days.

Here are the highlights:

The Real World TV Show:

“It kind of made me believe I could do anything I wanted with my life. 60,000 people tried out and out of all of them, I got one.”

Inventing His “Miz” Persona On The TV Show:

“If Mike couldn’t say something to the roommates, The Miz would. They only showed me doing the character in like two episodes, but after the season ended, when I would go out, people would start calling me ‘The Miz.’”

Making A Name For Himself On WWE “Tough Enough”:

“I’m only 6’1” and at the time could not get heavier than 195 lbs., no matter how much I ate or how hard I worked out. I knew I could never be the biggest guy out there, so I tried to be the biggest character.”

Beating John Cena & Retaining The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 27:

“The coolest moment about being in that ring in the main event at WrestleMania wasn’t my entrance, it wasn’t even holding the title in my hand, I don’t really remember that. The coolest moment was looking over to my left and seeing all my friends from high school that were in my living room in 1999 watching WrestleMania. Looking over at them in the front row and saying, ‘We did it”

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