MJF Bashes Sammy Guevara Over His Previous Beef With Sasha Banks


AEW Superstar MJF and Sammy Guevara took their feud to another level on Wednesday after MJF made reference to Guevara’s previous beef with WWE Superstar Sasha Banks. The two AEW Superstars took to Twitter on Wednesday as Guevara posted a dorky-looking photo of the Pinnacle leader. MJF said,

“Apparently Sammy posted a very unflattering photo of me. I’ve already reported it. But I genuinely hope he learns from his actions and doesn’t get canceled … again. Don’t come at the king.”

While Guevara obviously didn’t get “canceled,” he did get in trouble last year during the #SpeakingOut movement after comments he made about Sasha Banks from 2016 were brought to light. After those remarks, Guevara was suspended for a month from AEW.

Guevara commented on MJF’s remarks, writing:

“That’s cool, just take a jab at one of the most difficult times of my life. I like how everyone thinks this is ‘good character work.’ Meanwhile you are truly a real piece of s**t.”

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