MJF Believes Fans Like Him Because Of His Authenticity


During a recent interview with Vulture, MJF commented on why he believes people take a liking to him, if he’s ever considered stand-up comedy, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On being funny and people liking him: “I think people gravitate toward me, because I’m completely, 110 percent authentic. If that makes people laugh, cool. If that makes people cry, cool. If that makes people angry, cool. I’m really just in it for the money.”

On if he considered stand-up: “There is more of a relationship between stand-up comics and professional wrestlers than most people would think, because the life of a stand-up comedian is going to small towns for not very much money, trying to make a name for yourself, and performing and busting your ass just trying to get a visceral reaction from a crowd. I think there are huge overlaps there for anybody that understands what trying to make it in the pro-wrestling world is, and the landscape when you’re on the independent circuit is the same exact thing. You’re driving to all these places — it could be five hours away, it could be 15 hours away — and you’re doing it for $20 in front of a bunch of people that probably don’t appreciate what you’re doing as much as they should. It’s just a grind, and it sucks until it doesn’t suck and you make it.”

On if he ever worries about crossing lines: “No. Not even a little bit. I think the reason why I’m so freaking cool and super-humble and super-rad and super-beloved by everyone that comes across my path is because, right now, we live in an era in 2022 where everybody is terrified to speak their mind. I think the biggest mistake anybody can make is putting stock in what people have to say that you wouldn’t go to for an opinion. I’m not calling the guy who has an egg profile on Twitter that just tweeted out, “Oh, I don’t think I like the way MJF wears his scarfs.” There’s no part of me that’s like, Damn, I need to call @WetWillie6969 and ask him his opinion on my scarves. I think that’s a big issue with my generation. If I read every single positive thing people had to say about me, I would be the most egotistical person in the world, because people are nonstop talking about how I’m the greatest professional wrestler of all time, so you just have to walk away from your phone every now and then.”

On if he’ll stay on Twitter: “Yeah. Oh my God, all these wussies running around and running away — who gives a sh*t what some billionaire is saying? If you have fun on the app, have fun on the app. If you’re not having fun on the app, I don’t need to read a three-f**king-page essay about why you’re leaving. Shut up. Nobody cares. You’re not important. Stop thinking you are. Just leave.”

On the rise of antisemitism: “I do, because I feel with the way that Jews have been portrayed in the media, we’re either one of two things: We’re either a fat, out-of-shape guy, big nose, balding, wearing a big, thick Abraham Lincoln black hat or a tiny scrawny guy who’s afraid of his own shadow. For me, the fact that I get to stand in front of the camera, be jacked out of my mind, and be a superhuman, it reminds people, like, Oh, okay, all Jews aren’t the way that they’ve been portrayed in the media for decades. I read the things that Kanye or Kyrie write, and in a twisted way, I’m really thankful for them, because antisemitism is not the hip thing to talk about as far as cultures that are being oppressed or held down or being ravaged and ransacked. The fact of the matter is the Holocaust was not very long ago. People to this day are actually getting harassed in New York City over decisions that a government we don’t belong to — in Israel — is making. Our temples are constantly being desecrated with swastikas or other Nazi symbols. So when you see Kanye and Kyrie make these statements, then you see how many people liked, retweeted, commented, and agreed, I love it, because now antisemitism’s at the forefront. I think that’s really important for change. I think the reason there hasn’t been much of a change with antisemites is because they’re really good at hiding.”

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