MJF – ‘I Will Go Down In History As One Of The Greatest Talkers’


MJF will go down in the annals of wrestling history as one of the greatest talkers of all time, according to MJF himself.

Throughout his career, MJF has been praised for his skills on the mic, with notable talkers including Ric Flair praising the reigning AEW World Champion.


Speaking in a YouTube video for Dr. Beau Hightower, MJF was asked about his favorite talkers and praised his own gifts on the mic. He said,

“When my career is over, I think everyone in the universe is going to say that. People are already saying it. Cena [John Cena]. Rock [The Rock]. Punk [CM Punk], when he’s on his A game. The interesting thing with Stone Cold [Steve Austin] is that Stone Cold was the best at making you feel everything he said. I’m going to throw a curveball in here. I’m going to go with Jake Roberts. For the simple reason that, there is nobody ever in the history of professional wrestling that was able to cut a specific type of promo that Jake cut. Jake would speak so softly that you had no choice but to listen. I would swap in Stone Cold and Jake back and forth, depending on my mood. Those are my five.”

MJF & Samoa Joe will defend MJF & Adam Cole’s ROH World Tag Team Championships tonight on the AEW Full Gear 2023 Buy-In show.

MJF will defend the AEW World Championship against ‘Switchblade’ Jay White in the main event of AEW Full Gear 2023.

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