MJF Names Female Wrestler Who Has Potential To Be In The Pinnacle


MJF gave high praise to newly crowned AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker during an interview with Inside the Ropes

The AEW star thinks she has the potential to join his Pinnacle group. 

“Britt Baker. Me and Britt have actually formed a bit of a bond. I still think she’s a total bitch and she definitely thinks I’m a s***head, but talent recognises talent. Real recognizes real. Do I think we’re going to add a female in The Pinnacle? Probably not. I think, right now, we are easily the most dominant faction, group, however you want to put it, in professional wrestling. We’re in the most intense and intriguing angle.

And then when we’re done with the Inner Circle, after we make them disband this Sunday, all we’re going to focus on is gold. Now, after we win all the gold, will there perhaps be a conversation where we’re going, “Well, there’s only one title left”? Then would it possibly make sense for me to pull Brittany Baker over to the side and just have a conversation? Maybe. Right now doesn’t make sense, but I’m very much so looking forward to seeing Britt Baker become the new AEW Women’s Champion.”

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