MJF Responds to Cody’s Challenge from AEW Dynamite (Video)


As seen during Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite broadcast, Cody Rhodes issued a challenge to MJF. During an in-ring promo, he offered to put his car, watch, $50,000 and his designer shoes on the line to make it happen. MJF took to Twitter on Thursday, reacting to Cody’s challenge. He said,

“Knock, knock Cody. What do you say me and you play a little, tiny game? Let’s live in a world of make believe. A world where I don’t come from a family that has more money than the US Mint. Who am I kidding, right Wardlow? Of course I have money. And with that money I was actually able to buy the assistance of the Bunny, the Butcher and the Blade. That’s right, Cody. You and your tiny little mark boy fan club weren’t aware I was behind that, were you? Shocking. But you know, roller-Codester, when you are the holder of a $45,000 ring, what’s a couple grand really gonna do to my bank account?

So now you’re in a bit of a pickle, aren’t you Cody? You need to find you a friend to help shield you away from those two grotesque monsters and that beautiful Bunny. And boy am I glad she’s hopping around here. But that’s the thing, isn’t it Cody? You don’t have any friends left! And that’s exactly why you asked BBB to pick your tag partner. But just so you know, Cody, I genuinely care about your well being. You are my “best friend” after all, right? My “mentor.” So I gave them a little bit of insight, I decided to pick the partner for them. And let me tell you something Cody, this guy I picked is so good. So good luck, champ! Oh, that’s right. You can never be champ, and that’s all because of me.”

MJF’s partner he selected was QT Marshall, who has been used in the past as enhancement talent in AEW. He’ll team with Cody to face off against the Butcher and the Blade next week.

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