MJF Talks Initial WWE Desires, Cody Rhodes, and More


Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF, recently appeared as a guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk Is Jericho.

In the episode, he talked about a variety of topics including his relationship with Cody Rhodes, his initial desires to go to WWE, and more. Below are some highlights.

(h/t: WrestlingInc.)

MJF talks whether or not WWE was his goal:

“Of course, if someone says it wasn’t, they are lying. Once I found out about this, who was going to be running it, I was like cool, I knew what I wanted for me. I’m not trying to s–t on WWE, they are not competition, we are trying to do our own thing. We are showcasing professional wrestling, the way it should be, as a sport. I do not need anybody telling me how to do my thing. I do not care how great they are, if it is somebody I respect, I will listen.”

MJF bashes Joey Janela and Shawn Spears:

“Have you seen Joey Janela walk around here? He is like a bag of milk that grew legs. I do DDY five times a week. Dallas gives me a hundred bucks anytime I punch someone in the face that calls it yoga. Shawn Spears, he is a scumbag. He decided, after years of friendship with one of the greatest men to ever live Cody Rhodes, to waffle him with a chair. No one should be laying a finger on that man, he is a saint.
“Second, why Shawn? Why would you do that to someone who has treated you with respect, someone who has given you a job, you no longer must scrounge on the indies, you are now getting paid because Cody decided to give you, a complete jabroni, a job.”

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MJF on Cody Rhodes:

“I stay at his house almost every other week. Dude, swimming, hot tub, barbecue, video games. There I literally nothing he hasn’t helped me with. I was over at his house, we were going to cut promos and I forgot to bring a suit. He was like here take my suit. It fit like a glove, when I was done, I went to give the suit back to him and he was like, ‘No it is yours now.’ He is just an incredible human being and some may say he is the face of this company. I’m just trying to live up to his hype of me, hopefully, someday I will have his spot.”

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