MLB Player Looks Like Sgt. Slaughter?, & More


— Lance Berkman has changed his look in the off season and now resembles WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter. He wanted to avoid the attention he was getting after the World Series. He cut his hair very short and has a mustache. When he walked up to say hi to Carlos Beltran, Beltran didn’t recognize him even though the two were teammates in Houston.

— Kaiju Big Battel, a tongue-in-cheek take on pro wrestling involving men in monster suits that has drawn well in clubs, was supposed to be part of tomorrow’s taping of The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS. However, the promotion announced on their Facebook page that the appearance was canceled because Letterman’s producers realized they had once been on Jimmy Kimmel Live almost ten years ago. Despite the long period of time between scheduled appearances, Letterman’s producers simply said that if they don’t have it first, then they don’t want it.

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