MLW Air Vignette Hyping The Arrival Of EJ Nduka (Ezra Judge)


MLW have aired a vignette hyping the arrival of former NXT superstar EJ Nduka (Ezra Judge). Nduka, who signed with the company back in June, made his debut in their Battle Riot III event. You can watch the vignette below:

MLW Battle Riot III was filmed on July 10th, and will air next Saturday on beIN Sports.

Nduka was released from his WWE contract back in May of this year. He would have just two matches in NXT, neither of which were at a TV taping.

If you were unable to make it to MLW Battle Riot III, you can pick up the poster from the event on now. You can check out the poster for the event below:

Alternatively, limited tickets for MLW’s Texas shows in September are also still available.¬†

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