MLW No Longer Using The 2300 Arena For Events, Plans For MLW’s 20th Anniversary


According to a report from Pwinsider, MLW is currently in the very early stages of planning to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The plan is to hold a special celebration event next year.

MLW will not being using the 2300 Arena (ECW Arena) in Philadelphia, PA for the time being. MLW originally had dates booked at the venue through March but will be running elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

Juventud Guerrera was a recent guest on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast and commented on his AEW debut, and more. You can check that out below:

“Juventud Guerrera brings that Juvi Juice to TIJ! He and Chris share the story of Juvi’s AEW debut and return to TNT! They explain how Juvi came to be the third Labor of Jericho, what it took to make that happen, and why Juvi almost missed the show! They speak to their first-ever meeting at ECW, Juvi’s 6-year run at WCW, and his short-lived stint at WWE. Juvi talks Filthy Animals, the Mexicools, and the “Juvi Juice” catchphrase, and he reveals the greatest compliment Vince McMahon ever gave him. He recounts working with Rey Mysterio, the role that Psicosis played in his career, and how he really felt about losing his mask at WCW.”

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