MLW Teases A New ‘Mysterious’ Azteca Underground Project


We reported yesterday here on eWn that MLW has signed a deal for a new weekly series involving the Azteca Underground storyline. The company issued the following statement regarding this today:

Rumors swirling about mysterious Azteca project

What is Cesar’s top secret project?

With whispers of a mysterious “Azteca project” swirling over the past few weeks, has learned where there is smoke, there is fire pertaining to this story.

With Cesar Duran now not only serving as a matchmaker for MLW but also the owner of Azteca Underground, the ruthlessly ambitious promoter has emerged as a major power player.

With speculation surrounding the undisclosed arrangement brokered between MLW’s Court Bauer and Duran which resulted in Duran’s bombshell announcement at the Battle Riot, could it somehow be tied to the lucha impresario’s mysterious project?

Only time will tell.

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