MLW World Champion Hammerstone Credits John Cena For Getting Him Back Into Wrestling


Alexander Hammerstone would likely not be the reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion had it not been for the workout videos of John Cena.

Hammerstone is in his first reign as MLW World Heavyweight Champion and won the title at MLW Fightland in October 2021.


On the Squared Circle Pit podcast, Hammerstone spoke about watching pro wrestling during the Attitude Era. He said,

“I started watching ‘Sunday Night Heat’ or ‘Shotgun Saturday Night’ or whatever was on late on public television because we didn’t have cable TV.”

He went on to explain that he fell away from wrestling because he’s always looking for something new, saying,

“I always like to keep fresh, new stuff coming into the old noggin.”

After graduating high school in 2008, Hammerstone got back into wrestling when he watched videos of John Cena, as he explained,

“I was into weightlifting and John Cena videos and I started watching him… I kinda gotta thank good ol’ John for getting me back into wrestling.”

In addition to his 528+ day reign as MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Hammerstone was also the inaugural and longest-reigning MLW National Openweight Champion.

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