Mojo Rawley Calls On WWE To Allow Superstars To Do Non-Wrestling Projects


Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley believes the promotion should allow talent to take independent non-wrestling bookings under their real names.

WWE’s contracts with talent mean that the promotion has control over any bookings a Superstar may take, traditionally with WWE taking a cut of any profits.


Speaking to Steve Fall of 10 Count, Rawley suggested the idea would greatly benefit Superstars who may not earn enough just through wrestling. He said,

“[Wrestlers] should have some leeway to go out and use your real name. Once you retire from WWE or get fired, you’re done. There’s no pension plan, no medical assistance.

“If you’re a mid-carder or a lower-level talent, you’re not making enough to retire after WWE.”

Rawley was released from WWE in April 2021 as part of budget cuts, and appeared in the G.I Joe prequel film ‘Snake Eyes’ later that same year.

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