Mojo Rawley Says He Was Supposed To Be In New “League Of Nations” Stable In WWE


Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley recently revealed on the Shoot Conversations podcast with Chris Hero that he was in talks to form a new League of Nations stable alongside Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro but those creative plans didn’t come to pass.

Rawley said: “My most recent Mania, I’m doing the heel thing and I tagged with Cesaro and [Shinsuke Nakamura]. They liked that. They were talking about that being a new League of Nations and I was going to be the mouthpiece of it. Who knows how much that was going to be a thing. I’m doing my heel work, then the 24/7 stuff was around there, then I moved SmackDown and I was immediately hyped up babyface to bring in Rob and we had big plans that didn’t materialize because of the pandemic he went back to football. They put me right back to being a heel immediately and I was flip-flopping every week.”

When talking with Hero about his post-concussion storyline in WWE, Rawley said: “We can make that a character too. Let’s embrace it. We gotta’ run with something.”

Rawley would be released from WWE in April.

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