Mojo Rawley Speaks On Gronk’s Potential As A WWE Superstar & Zach Ryder’s Injury


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner Mojo Rawley spoke with FOX Sports and discussed a number of topics including: Zach Ryder’s injury, his reaction to the “Superstar-Shake-Up” & NFL Star Rob Gronkowski’s potential WWE run.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

What Mojo Was Feeling The Night Of Zach Ryder’s Injury:

“That was a big night for us, because Zack and I had kind of had an unconventional route to the main roster. a lot of teams, they either get called up together or they’re formed when they’re already on Raw or SmackDown, but not often has there been a team where one guy was currently in NXT and one guy was up on the main roster. So right away, we kind of had a disadvantage from the start – never really getting to see each other, being booked separately and whatnot.

You fast forward through a year or so of hard work, of trying to make this team work, but never having it be easy or convenient for us to. We’re stringing together a bunch of wins, but there hadn’t been any really career-defining wins. And now we come to Washington D.C., my hometown, where I was born and raised five minutes from the arena. And we have this No. 1 contender’s battle royal. It was a pretty crazy match, in the end we ended up winning and I didn’t know that Zack got hurt on the last move of the match.”

Reaction To The “Superstar Shake-Up”:

“Well, number one, it’s a completely different locker room. We didn’t know what was going to happen with the superstar shakeup. We didn’t have a clue. For some reason I don’t know why I got this impression but I just thought it was going to be like a few trades. Two, three, four, maybe five but I want to say it was like 11. So I’m sitting there and I’m watching Raw and I’m flipping out. ‘Oh crap I just lost another friend, oh man there goes my riding partner, there goes my gym buddy, there goes my spotter. This is a nightmare! This is brutal right now.’

We also got some great guys from Raw as well. Things kind of smoothed out a little bit and came back to reality, but yeah, it’s a completely different locker room now. All it takes is one guy to change a locker room. To change the complexity or nature of an atmosphere. They said it the best, it was a shakeup. So only time will tell to see if it’s better, if it’s worse, if it’s more enjoyable, if it’s more difficult. Only time will tell, but it’s definitely exciting.”

Gronk’s Potential As A WWE Star:

“Well let’s call him a blue chipper, baby. The guy’s done his homework. That’s my best friend and he’s been supporting me, coming to the shows since we were down in FCW in Tampa and there were seven people in the arena and my buddies were like five of them. He’s done his homework, he’s been to these matches. He’s progressed through the ranks, he’s very familiar with the process works. He’s very familiar with the lifestyle because he’s been there every step of the way with me as a fan.

And to have him be able to get in the ring and deliver a big shoulder tackle and be front row at a lot of these shows… the guys all cued up. Not to mention all the fun that we have outside of both of our jobs. Practicing moves on each other and watching it together and having a blast. The guy’s cued up for a career, man. You look at everything he’s done with his life outside of the gridiron, he’s got WWE superstar written all over him.”

You can read the full interview here:

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