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News​Molly Holly Discusses Her Early Training & Training With The Nitro Girls,...

​Molly Holly Discusses Her Early Training & Training With The Nitro Girls, & More



Former WWE women’s wrestler Molly Holly recently spoke with Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360. You can check out some highlights below”

On her early training: I had been wanting to get into Dean Malenko’s school, and at the time he was saying, no I’m not training any more girls. I’ve been there, done that. I want nothing to do with it. And so I was just working the indies around Tampa and I got booked just to do a dark match with WCW and Dean Malenko saw me wrestle Malia Hosaka. He pulled me aside and he said, if you want to come down to my school you can. And I needed it, you know? I was horribly green. There was so much I didn’t know. And so Dean let me come to his school, and every now and then Eddie Guerrerowould stop in. And so I’d say I got most of my skilled training from Dean Malenko.

On training The Nitro Girls: When I was training at the [WCW] Power Plant that’s when a lot of the Nitro Girls were being forced into becoming wrestlers, and I would put down the crash pads and show them on the crash pads and there were a few old-timers that were like, oh they’re not paying their dues, this is crap, they should be taking the bumps just like everyone else. I’m like, first of all they don’t even want to be wrestlers. They want to just earn a living and they’re being forced from going to being dancers to models to being wrestlers. Why would I hurt them? Why would I intentionally be giving them concussions? So I’m a fan of doing things safe and I know that almost all of my concussions definitely happened before I got to the television level of professional wrestling. So I don’t want anybody to be messed up for life because they wanted to follow their dream and their passion.

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