Molly Holly & Kelly Kelly React to Royal Rumble Returns (Videos), Becky Lynch Reacts to Win


As seen during the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event, Becky Lynch defeated Asuka. Following the match, Becky Lynch was interviewed backstage and she said the following,

“Yeah, yeah I do. Feeling a little bit emotional now. It’s just this has been the one stain in an almost perfect year. And I knew — she is incredible. She is incredible. I couldn’t keep her down, and I knew it was going to take a lot, but there was no way I was giving up. There was no way I was staying down for the count of three, and there was no way I was tapping out again. That’s just haunted me every single night for the past 365 days, maybe it’s 363. I don’t know how far away we are from the last Rumble, but tonight proved it. Tonight proved it. I am everything I say I am, and I am The Man.”

Molly Holly and Kelly Kelly returned during the WWE women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday. WWE posted the following backstage videos, showing the two of them reacting to their returns:

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