Molly Holly Talks Randy Savage Getting Her Into WCW, What He Was Like Behind The Scenes, If They Still Kept In Touch


Former WWE Superstar Molly Holly recently did an interview with Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Here are the highlights:

Savage choosing her to be one of his valets so she could train his then-girlfriend: “It was Randy Savage’s idea to bring me on TV – he let Eric Bischoff know that I was going to be a part of his entourage. So, how it happened was, Randy told me that he wanted me to train his girlfriend, Stephanie, on how to do some wrestling moves. Stephanie and I then hit it off and became friends. She then told Macho Man, ‘Wow, this girl Nora, she has amazing moves! Do you think she can be part of our entourage on television?’ And Randy said, ‘Yep, that’s great,'” Holly explained.

“So, Randy had Stephanie’s stylist make me a sequined bodysuit, and Stephanie taught me how to rub on some fake tan and dye my hair platinum blonde, and she brought me backstage at WCW. Randy then said to Eric Bischoff that he was bringing me onstage with him at WCW. After that, it was pretty much it. Although, eventually, I did get a contract, it was kind of cool that Randy just had the power to do what he wanted on TV, and he wanted me to be a part of his group. And that was very flattering, and awesome.”

What Savage was like backstage: “He is super-intense. I owe so much to him – because he believed in me enough, and he gave me my shot of being a full-time career wrestler. So, I owe a lot to him,” she said. “But he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t need a lot of sleep. He’s very driven, goal-oriented, and he has high expectations. His off-screen persona is also very intense, which really just helped me push myself to the limits, and do things that I never thought I could do before. But he was always very kind to me – and also, very driven.”

Not really staying in touch with Savage after leaving WCW: “We didn’t really have a ton in common outside of the ring,” she said. “When we were together, that was the main focus – the performance of the show. But outside of the ring, we had different hobbies and different interests, and of course, we were very different ages. I want to say I ran into him in Tampa after he left, but no, we really didn’t hang out or anything like that.”

Her time in WCW and eventually going to WWE: “Well, I was really protected, being under Macho Man’s wing. I was not a part of any type of politics or drama or stress of any kind. We would show up right before the show, and he would give us our own dressing room, and we would do the show and leave. So whatever kind of stuff was happening, politically or within the management, I felt like I had nothing to do with it. I just enjoyed being on TV on Monday nights,” she said. “When Macho Man left, I felt it a lot more because I felt like I was no longer under his protection.

“And so that’s when I got bounced around to things like the Power Plant, and I started being around a lot more disgruntled employees. But even though everyone was disgruntled, I thought, ‘Man, I just came from a world where I was making $4.25 an hour. So I’m not going to complain about whatever was happening, because it was way better than what was happening before.’ So whatever was going on, I didn’t let it affect me too negatively.

“But I had no idea that the company was going to fold. Thankfully, I got picked up by the WWE, or at that time, the WWF, before the company folded. So I already felt pretty secure in my career, moving forward.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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