WWE Monday Night RAW Results – December 2, 2019


    We open with a van pulling up into the backstage area. It is AOP. They are asked why they attacked Kevin Owens. They answer in a foreign language. Charly asks for a translation, and Rezar tells her she looks lovely.

    Seth Rollins comes out and recaps what he did with the RAW roster last week. He says that it may have been harsh, but that it was coming from a good place. Seth says that the RAW roster is his brothers and sisters, and he says as the head of the family, his responsibility is to get the best out of everyone of them.


    He admits going overboard and he took the week to ponder what he said. Seth offers an apology and he first apologizes to the fans. The crowd isn’t having it. He then apologizes to Kevin Owens and asks him to come out so he can apologize like a man.

    Owens says something smells, like when the rodeo comes to Nashville. He says the stench is hitting him hard. Kevin asks Seth if the two closest members of his RAW family was AOP. Seth says he had nothing to do with it. Owens says he knows Rollins is lying because his lips are moving. That smell he was referring to was bullshit. AOP comes out.

    AOP continue to speak in foreign language. Eventually, Akam proposes them vs. Seth and Kevin. Rollins agrees to the match. Owens isn’t falling for the 3 on 1 beatdown. Seth says he’s on his own. Seth leaves, but Kevin is still game for a fight and calls them down. AOP laughs it off and they go to the back.

    Kevin says he’s still ready to go and Nashville is ready for a fight and he asks for someone to indulge him for a fight. Bobby Lashley and Lana are walking backstage.

    Lana speaks but Kevin Owens says no one cares and begs her to stop. She eventually says Rusev day isn’t here and that she has a restraining order against him in Tennessee. If Rusev shows up, he’ll go to jail.

    Kevin Owens says he never met someone who speaks so much but says so little. He says that Lana may think she’s beautiful on the outside, but she’s ugly on the inside. Lana says Owens is a fat candy and pizza-eater and says Lashley will finish him. This brings out Lashley and a couple of police officers tailing them.

    Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley (w/Lana)

    Towards the end of the match, AOP come out and attack Kevin Owens causing the disqualification.

    Winner: Kevin Owens by DQ

    After the match, AOP continue the assault on Owens while he fights back in vain. After the match, Bobby is asked about the AOP assault, but Lashley says he doesn’t know anything about it and that he was about to beat Kevin Owens again. Lana says he can’t stand the boos and said she had to hire security to protect them.

    Rusev arrives, sneaks through the crowd and gets Bobby with a superkick and escapes once again.

    Lashley is furious at the police, but one of the officers tells him they’re from Tennessee and they do things differently. Bobby leaves, but then the officer gets in his face and Lashley responds in kind. Lashley is arrested. Lana then slaps one of the officers, telling him they should have arrested Rusev instead and she is arrested as well.

    During commercial, Lashley and Lana are put into a cop car and driven away while R-Truth and the Street Profits look on.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Akira Tozawa

    During the match, Drew tells Akira to leave or he’ll beat his ass. Akira gets a flurry of offense in before Drew turns the tide with an Inverted Alabama Slam on the outside. Akira fights back, but Drew hits a massive Claymore that flips Tozawa in mid-air for the win.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre

    After the match, Drew says that was fun. He says the problem with people today is that people complain on social media when they have a problem and like to be cryptic with it because they’re cowards. However, he’s different, direct and gets to the point. He calls out Randy Orton, because he has a problem with him. He wants to talk about it.

    Back from commercial, Drew is still waiting. We get a replay of their encounter last week, and Drew calls it stupid three times. He calls Orton out again, and he finally comes out.

    Drew asks if the chop he gave him last week was enough to clear the voices in his head. Orton asks if that’s why he wanted him out there and he turns his back on him. He calls Orton back out. Drew says his problem with Randy is that he walks around like he owns the place with no respect for the rules.

    Drew says Randy’s accolades does not mean he has a right to speak to him like a child. He says Randy was at one point the most ferocious man in WWE, but the Randy Orton of 2019 is only ferocious at posting at social media. He says he’s bigger and stronger than him, and he calls Orton the past and he is the future. RKO of nowhere is gone and Claymore out of nowhere is in.

    Randy says there’s a Drew McIntyre reality problem. Orton says he does what he wants because he’s earned the right to do so. Orton says McIntyre hasn’t earned anything, but says they’re cool. But he also says if Drew still has a problem with him, they can settle it right now. Out comes The OC.

    Luke Gallows says Orton is a jerk who ruins lives and Anderson says he ruined Styles’ life by costing him the United States Championship. AJ says he doesn’t care what kind of match it is, but he wants his hands on Randy Orton tonight. Drew cuts Orton off and says that this sounds like an Orton/OC problem, and Drew walks away.

    The OC corner the ring and they jump him. Out comes Ricochet to help. Humberto Carrillo come out after him. Rey Mysterio follows. Ricochet, Humberto and Rey stand tall in the ring while Orton stares from the outside.

    Orton, Ricchet, Humberto and Rey are backstage. Rey asks Orton if he’s okay, and Orton says that while he appreciates the assistance, they weren’t needed.

    Tony Nese vs. Aliester Black

    Black is able to get the high knee, picks Nese up with his leg and gets the Black Mass for the win.

    Winner: Aliester Black

    Buddy Murphy is seen backstage and he’s asked if he regrets knocking on Black’s door. Murphy said he knocked on his door to expose him for who he really is, someone who takes himself too seriously. He calls Aliester a hot head while he is calm, cool and collected. Buddy tells Aliester to calm down and if he doesn’t, Murphy will do it for him.

    Andrade vs. Eric Young

    Young goes on the top rope for the elbow, but Andrade knocks him off and gets the double knees in the corner. Andrade finishes it off with the Hammerlock DDT.

    Winner: Andrade

    After the match, R-Truth comes out and hides in the crowd. The rest of the 24/7 division comes out and they run through the crowd. Truth thanks Kyle Busch for helping him, and another guy, but he turns out to be a referee, and Busch pins him from behind to take the title.

    The Street Profits and No Way Jose plug the WWE Shop. Rollins is seen walking backstage and is asked why he didn’t help Owens being assaulted by AOP. Seth says he offered his help but Owens didn’t want my help. Charly says there are people questioning the sincerity of his apology. Seth asks what she wants from him, and she wants answers.

    Rollins says it’s a no-win situation for him because he’s in a no-win situation and asks what’s the point. He calls everyone a critic, but not everyone has the guts to be a leader.

    Erick Rowan is seen talking with his pet.

    Erick Rowan vs. No Way Jose

    Before the match begins, some of the members of NWJ’s conga line is seen trying to peek at what’s in the cage. Rowan gets furious and starts cleaning house. Rowan tells Jose to tell his friends not to touch his things before defeating him with two consecutive chokeslams.

    Winner: Erick Rowan

    Rowan is asked backstage what’s in the cage. The interviewer asks him three times before staring her down and walking away.

    Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

    Asuka and Kairi are asked about their match and Asuka is asked about Charlotte breaking her streak. Kairi and Asuka speak to each other in Japanese before Asuka eventually says they’ll beat her.

    The Kabuki Warriors jump Flair before the match starts. Flair is eventually able to get Asuka isolated and hits a Spear. She goes for the Figure Eight and gets it, but Kairi makes a blind tag and gets the Insane Elbow from the top rope for the victory.

    Winner: The Kabuki Warriors

    After the match, Flair is asked if they regret challenging the Kabuki Warriors and she simply says no before walking away.

    The Viking Raiders vs. Jobbers

    Viking Raiders win.

    Winner: The Viking Raiders

    Backstage, Ricochet, Rey and Humberto say they are honored to fight with each other and Rey says what AJ did with the US Title was unacceptable. He tells The OC to get ready for the future and the living legend.

    Rey Mysterio, Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet vs. The OC

    Styles and Ricochet are fighting in the corner before Riccohet hits a backflip onto Karl Anderson on the outside. Back in the ring, Ricochet attempts a top rope hurricanrana, but Styles holds his ground and he gets the top rope Styles Clash for the victory.

    Winners: The OC

    After the match, Randy Orton appears out of nowhere and hits an RKO on Styles as RAW goes off the air.

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