Montez Ford Interview, Talks Meeting Shad Gaspard, Positive Influence


Montez Ford from The Street Profits spoke with Metro in regards to the late Shad Gaspard, who tragically drowned one month ago at a beach in California.

Meeting Shad Gaspard: “Oh man. Cryme Tyme was one of the tag teams I watched growing up, like the Hardyz and a whole other bunch of guys. So, it’s cool – when I first met Shad, we just hit it off, real nice guy… Unfortunately, that’s one of the things that didn’t happen but I know that’s one of the things we always looked forward to. Watching what you’re watching as a child growing up, and not only becoming part of the dream but actually getting to work with some of the people you watched growing up. We may not get a chance in this life to have that match, but I know in another life we will. We’ll tear it up!”

How he deals with his faith in life: “I’m very strong in my faith, and one of the things I was taught as a kid is that a lot of things are gonna happen in life. The best thing you can do in life is to stay consistent on your craft and not only making the world a better place, but starting with one small action at a time. And praying for the hope that because of the platform I have and who I am, the example I set will be something that’s passed on.”

Having a positive influence on wrestling fans: “That’s the best thing I can do as an individual – be positive and try to set an example to my fans… There’s a lot going on and things are happening to people that they don’t understand… The best thing we do when we put on these performances or get a chance to show the world who we are, is to try to uplift them and give them a different emotion to what they’re going through that day. That day could have been very bad for them, very challenging… It’s one of those things where we have an incredible opportunity to change and invoke emotion. We’re going to keep doing it as long as we live, you know!”

Courtesy: 411Mania

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