Montez Ford Shares Certain WWE Segment That Inspired Contests With The Viking Raiders


WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Montez Ford of The Street Profits recently spoke with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report about the segments with The Viking Raiders that have been airing on Raw over the past few weeks. 

It turns out that the the March 2013 benchpress competition between Ryback and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry inspired the sketches. 

“One of the things we took as inspiration from seeing all those things growing up is doing something completely different to ensure that each event we do is completely different,” Ford said. “When you see the Fast & Furious movies or the Saw movies or any sort of franchise that has four or more movies, you want to see the characters, but you also want to see the different setting when it comes to whatever they’re trying to accomplish. That’s pretty much what we tried to do with all of these skits.”

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