Montez Ford Speaks About Bianca Belair’s Success In WWE, Frog Splash Finisher


The Street Profits’ Montez Ford was recently interviewed by Denise Salcedo as he talked about the success of Bianca Belair in WWE, along with why he decided to go with the Frog Splash as his finishing move.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Montez Ford on teaming with Angelo Dawkins in their first WrestleMania match with a crowd: “I am excited, I am ecstatic, I am everything that’s up – everything that up because we already know that when it’s up, it up. But I am very excited. Like you said, it’s the very first WrestleMania match we’ve had with a capacity crowd. What you see on camera is the same thing you see in real life. Off-camera, [Angelo Dawkins] was my best man at my wedding, so it’s a real-life relationship there. So just to go through this journey with him, have our moms there witnessing everything – they be so proud of their boys and everything, it’s just a great, great, great journey to share with someone.”

On Bianca Belair’s success in WWE: “It’s amazing. The person you love is actually going out there and fulfilling her dreams. And you’re there to not only be a support system but just to be there and witness it with her is like a blessing, man. I feel like it makes all of us even more motivated to be intrigued to do these things and do more things and be successful. You always want to be there as a support group. You never know what may be going through her head, or that person’s head that you share this life with, and so you always want to be there and remind them like, ‘Hey, go out there and show the world what I already know which is you are that girl. You are that woman.’ So it’s always good to not only be part of her support group but to see her be successful in these moments and just be happy. I’ll be more nervous for her events and matches than mine because I just want to see her do so well, and she does every time. I am so happy and proud of her like all the time. I can’t express it enough. Nothing I can do can show the gratitude I have for her. I just love being there as a support group and as her husband, as her tag team partner to make sure that not only she does well, but she knows she can do well.”

On the reason he chose the Frog Splash as his finisher: “That’s why I chose it as my finishing move as well. It pays homage to all the greats that did it before me like Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam. But yes, every single time, I treat it like the way Batman treats bats. Batman is afraid of bats, so he wears a bat suit. I choose the frog splash because I’m afraid of heights. So I use that fear onto everyone else. That’s a little secret here. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before. So yeah, exclusive.”

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