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Moose Comments On Next Move After Losing Impact World Title, X-Division Run


Former Impact Wrestling World Champion Moose was recently interviewed by our own Joey G. as he spoke about what his next move will be after losing the Impact World Championship to Josh Alexander, among other topics that were also discussed below:

Moose on his next move after losing the IMPACT world title to Josh Alexander:“I don’t know man. What should I do? Should I take some time off? Should I take time off to heal my body? Should I start from the bottom again and build myself to the top? Should I ask for matches against some of the best? I have no idea. There are so many questions out there for me and I don’t know what to do yet, but whatever I decide you guys will know at Under Siege. So tune in and see what’s next for Moose.”Moose says his match with Alexander was one of his personal favorites, adding that sometimes things just go your way and that’s what happened in their meeting:“Probably the last match that I had with Josh. It’s common in wrestling to get all your ducks in a row and everything just goes your way, and that’s what’s going on for Josh right now. That’s what happened to me during my run when I won the IMPACT world championship…I was in a hot mode, I was in a hot row, all my ducks was lined up. I couldn’t do any wrong, and that’s where Josh is. It’s not going to last forever so you might as well take advantage of it.”Moose talks about going for the X-Division title or the IMPACT tag titles:“That’s the thing. I’ve accomplished some goals…I’ve been world champion and heavyweight champion. I’ve been the grand champion. The two titles that have alluded me my whole career are the IMPACT tag team titles and the X-Division title. Who knows maybe that’s where I go. Maybe if I find a partner I go after Dem Boys. Maybe I go after Ace Austin for the X-Division title…I don’t know. I’m all about reaching my goals and accomplishing goals and since I’ve already accomplished being a world champion maybe I go to something else. Maybe I go look for another title.”Moose on who he would choose to be his tag team partner:“I don’t think it matters because I feel like I’m a strong enough force by myself that I could pick anybody to be my partner. It doesn’t matter, I’m highly confident enough in myself that it wouldn’t matter who my tag partner would be.”Moose comments on wanting to see IMPACT run a show in the Portland or Seattle area due to the crowds being so rabid:“Oh yeah definitely. I know I’ve wrestled a couple of times in Portland for Defy. The crowds in that area are just apeshit batshit crazy. I would love, it would be awesome, if IMPACT would run a show in that area. The Seattle and Portland area just to wrestle in front of those crowds.”

Would you like to see Moose compete in the X-Division or Tag Team Division in the future? What do you think about his next goals in the company? Let us know in the comments section below. As always, stay tuned to for all the latest breaking news stories, editorials, and results.

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