Moose Confirms Length Of Impact Wrestling Deal, WWE Interested In Signing Him


It was previously reported that Moose had signed a new deal with Impact Wrestling after his contract was slated to expire. 

Fightful Select later reported there was interest in bringing Moose in from other companies. It was unknown whether he had any serious talks with those promotions. The new deal with Impact is for two years and will carry Moose into the Summer of 2023.

Appearing on Mina’s House podcast, Moose confirmed that he had signed a new deal with Impact and there was interest from WWE. 

Regarding WWE, “Never say never, right? I’ve had chances to go there and had an opportunity to go there not too long ago, but turned it down to stay with IMPACT. I am staying (with IMPACT). I signed a new deal and I’m staying. I had an opportunity to leave to go to WWE, but I just felt like, right now, IMPACT was better for me with what they offered and the schedule and how I’m being used. We’ll see what happens with WWE in the next couple of years.”

When asked about the length of the deal, Moose said, “Two years. They do (try to get me to sign longer-term), but I always keep it at two years.”

H/T to Fightful

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