Moose & Jordynne Grace Comment On The Creative Freedom In Impact Wrestling


During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Impact Wrestling talents Moose and Jordynne Grace commented on the creative freedom they have in the company, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Moose on the creative freedom in Impact Wrestling: “That’s one thing IMPACT gives you. We not pay as much as all these companies other companies pay, but a lot of times, money is not everything. Happiness is very important. This comes from a guy who’s had, same as Jordynne, opportunities to work elsewhere. It’s not like we haven’t been given those opportunities to go to WWE or to go to AEW. But at some point, you have think, well what comes first? Are you chasing after the money, or do you like the happiness you get at the company you’re with? Having creative freedom and having to give your input on what your character would do in certain situations is big, and that’s something you don’t get elsewhere. But at IMPACT, Scott [D’Amore] cherishes hitting up Jordynne, ‘Hey, Jordynne, would your character do this? What do you think about doing this?’ Or ‘Hey, Moose, what do think about doing this? We could do this, would you wanna do this?’ I like that freedom. I like being asked what my opinion is, and that’s one thing I cherish.”

Moose on his feud with Josh Alexander: “Plenty of times, just in the feud with me and Josh, there was times where, planning a segment or planning a match, they would ask me, ‘Hey, do you think your character would do this? What do you think your character would do here in this situation?’ I would tell them, ‘I definitely wouldn’t do that, so I don’t comfortable doing that, I’d rather do it this way. Scott would go, ‘Okay, let’s go with your way because you know your character the best. So if Moose says Moose wouldn’t do that, then let’s not make Moose do that.”

Jordynne Grace on the Knockouts Ultimate X Match: “Another great example I think is that when we pitched the Knockouts Ultimate X, and finally got it to happen, I think it was awesome that Scott was out there next to the ring when the Ultimate X was set up, and me and Tasha were just like, ‘Yeah, when is this match gonna happen?’ We were half-joking, but he was like, ‘Oh, well, when you can find girls that can climb and get on the rope,’ and I was like, ‘We’ll do it right now.’ He was like, ‘Alright, do it.’ We went up there and did it, and he was like, you could see the wheels started to turn there.”

Moose on the best part of Impact: “I think that’s one thing I love about IMPACT because I’ve heard stories about other places where you get a script and this is what you’re gonna say, and this is how you’re gonna say it, and this is what you’re gonna do, and this is how you’re gonna do it. It’s not like that at IMPACT, at least not for us because we’re higher-up on the card. At IMPACT, if you say you don’t wanna do something and you’d rather do it a different way, there’s no heat because they know you know your character the best. So I think for me, that’s the best part about me staying in IMPACT.”

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